Netflix gets first dibs on comedian Aziz Ansari’s new stand-up show

Netflix (s NFLX) will be the first service to air comedian Aziz Ansari’s new stand-up show, “Buried Alive.” In the past, Parks and Recreation star Ansari had debuted his specials on Comedy Central and as $5 downloads online.
This time around, the New York Times reports, Ansari also plans to release “Buried Alive” as a $5 download, but only after it has already aired on Netflix. And Netflix is putting a big promotional push behind the show, which it will release on November 1.
“We’ve been working to make Netflix a great home for comedians to do their best work and to support their live performance careers, and having Aziz debut his new show with us is a validation of that strategy,” Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s chief content officer, told the NYT.
Ansari said, “It’s an interesting time for someone to be releasing content…At this moment, it really seems like Netflix is the way to go,” and noted that the Netflix algorithm regularly recommends his own videos to him.