TV control app Peel grows to 25M users, preps three new mobile partnerships

Partnerships with mobile device makers are starting to pay off for Peel, the second screen remote control app that allows users to find and tune into TV shows and movies from their tablet or mobile phone. Peel managed to grow from 1 million registered users in Q1 of 2012 to 25 million registered users by this month.
Peel has been available as a standalone app for iOS and Android for some time, but key to its recent growth have been partnerships with Samsung and HTC. Both companies have been incorporating IR blasters into some of their devices, allowing consumers to directly control their living room TV from their phone or tablet through a bundled Peel app.
Peel’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer Krishnan told me during an interview Wednesday that Samsung first added this kind of capability to some of its Android tablets. But things really took off once Peel started to be shipped with phones from both companies as well.
In the past eight months alone, Peel’s user base more than quadrupled, and over half of the Android phones sold in the U.S. now come with Peel preinstalled. And the company sees a lot of these users stick around: Peel saw one million daily active users in July, and has been used for more than 300 million tune-ins per month.
Peel now wants to further its relationship with mobile device makers, and is currently in the product development phase with three additional manufacturers, said Krishnan without elaborating further.
He did however give me an idea of how Peel intends to turn all these eyeballs into money: Peel already has deals with content companies to serve up paid recommendations, and it’s also monetizing movie trailers and other preview clips that can be viewed within the app through ads and marketing relationships. “We are a revenue-generating company,” Krishnan said.