Unconstrained data center networks for the cloud era

The value of cloud services lies in the rapid and cost-effective instantiation of applications that can be consumed by users anywhere. Enterprises expect cloud services to increase their agility in turning up applications while simplifying their operations. For cloud services to thrive, the networks within and across data centers must evolve to become as virtualized and readily available as the server and storage infrastructure.
Nuage Networks removes the constraints of the data center network through an innovative Virtualized Services Platform that provides abstraction and automation to unbound any data center network infrastructure. With the Nuage Networks’ software-defined networking solution, cloud service providers, web-scale operators and large tech enterprises can build a robust and scalable multitenant networking infrastructure that delivers secure virtual slices of readily consumable compute, storage and networking instantaneously across thousands of tenants and user groups.
The Nuage Networks’ solution takes advantage of proven technology from the routers that scale the internet and support thousands of enterprises on a multitenant VPN infrastructure today. With this heritage, the Nuage Networks’ solution can confidently deliver the robust and scalable performance required by cloud data center networks. In today’s environment where CSPs cannot afford to experiment with fragile or unproven platforms, the decade of ethernet and IP network deployment experience that is at the heart of the Nuage Networks offering proves critical.