HTC introduces Fetch and Mini+ Bluetooth accessories

HTC might be working on a big new phone, but apparently it also had enough time to crank out two interesting new Bluetooth accessories. The HTC Fetch and the HTC Mini+ are niche products, for sure, but if you’re invested in HTC’s product ecosystem they might be worth a look.
First up is the Fetch (pictured above), which is a small key ring accessory that uses NFC and Bluetooth to help you keep tabs on your HTC smartphone. It brings to mind Nokia’s(s nok) Treasure Tags. Simply pair your phone to the Fetch, and if you lose track of it, press the button on the Fetch to make your phone ring from a distance of up to 50 feet. The Fetch itself can also be triggered to beep when your phone is no longer within reach. HTC claims battery life should last up to six months on a single charge, thanks to Bluetooth 4.0’s low energy draw. There’s no word on availability or pricing, but Clove is listing the Fetch for 29.99 EUR (about $40 USD). And so far HTC has not said whether the Fetch will work with other Android(s goog) smartphones.
The HTC Mini+ (pictured below) is a bit stranger. It’s a super lightweight device that looks like a miniature feature phone and pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth 2.1+EDR. It’s the successor to last year’s HTC mini, which shipped with the HTC Butterfly. Basically, the Mini+ allows you to place or answer calls or read incoming text messages via your smartphone’s connection. It can also be used as a remote trigger for your connected phone’s camera. And an infrared transmitter allows you to use it as a remote control for your television by download a companion app to your smartphone. On yeah, it also has a laser pointer.
The Mini+ is designed to work HTC One Mini, the Butterfly S and the Desire 200 and 500. It might be able to work with other Android phones as well, but HTC hasn’t confirmed this. Again, there is no pricing or availability, though the device is listed for 64.99 EURO (around $83 USD) at Clove.
HTC Mini Plus