Gloria Lombardi on a recent webinar of mine

Gloria Lombardi has been avidly following my work, and transcribed a lot of what I had to say at a recent webinar. Here’s an excerpt:

Stowe Boyd on “The future of work: maximizing your distributed workforce”

There is an interesting paradox for which we are increasingly more connected in work today, but at the same time distributed, decentralised and performing in a ‘discontinuous way’. That means that we are constantly shifting from work and personal, there are projects that we do with different groups of people, and increasingly decentralised organisations are becoming more and more agile and innovative, putting power at the hands of front-line workforce.

All these things are currently running together, calling for a very different ‘workspace’: a combination of the tools, the physical environment and the other affordances that we use to get work done. That includes social technologies and social architectures to make work as fluid and frictionless as possible. These tools are easier and simpler to use, and the energy involved with their adoption is becoming increasingly important.

There’s a lot more at her blog.