UK ad suggests Sony Xperia Z1 pre-orders get a free Sony Smartwatch 2

“Pssst… Hey buddy, wanna buy a watch?”

You may not have to buy a watch at all if you pre-order Sony’s(s sne) Xperia Z1 handset, expected to debut tomorrow, September 4. In what looks to be a promotion specific to EE in the UK, those who pre-order a Z1 will get a free Sony Smartwatch 2.

sony xperia z1 smartwatch deal

The promo was spotted by the Xperia Blog, which suggests that most UK carriers will pick up the Xperia Z1 for sale. There’s no information on the smartwatch deal with any other carriers.

Here in the U.S., few Sony devices have been available directly through carriers. Instead, Sony typically sells their devices at full price through the Sony Store. There have been a few exceptions of late, however with the Sony Xperia Z available through T-Mobile(s tmus) for $99 down and 24 monthly payments of $20. The competition for U.S. consumer dollars is pretty fierce however; if T-Mobile adds a free smartwatch to the newest Sony handset it could sweeten the pot and sway some sales for Sony.