Apple doubles down on China with separate event September 11

It appears that Apple(S AAPL) is finally closing in on its long-planned infiltration into the Chinese telecom market, as the eagle eyes over at The Next Web spotted a specialized invitation released to Chinese media outlets about a separate event held at Beijing’s World Trade Center on September 11.


The composition of the invitation closely mirrors that of the American invite, except for the obvious Chinese characters and alternate information. This is likely due to the fact that both shows are expected to unveil Apple’s iPhone 5C — the low-cost, high-color phone that could compete with the Chinese phone market, where cheap Android phones remain the mobile technology of choice.

Apple now appears poised to enter the Chinese market, where mobile manufacturers clamor to produce low-cost phones for the masses. CEO Tim Cook has spent plenty of time crafting deals with the country’s top mobile carriers, and the 5C could usher in a new era that the Cupertino, Calif. company was previously locked out of due to the high cost of its own hardware.  Increased visibility in China could help Apple bring low cost phones all over the world — effectively competing with the Android(S GOOG) devices.

But the 5C won’t be the only product onstage in Beijing — Chinese tech blog Sina Tech also expects the appearance of the much higher-end iPhone 5S, showing that Apple will still provide its top-of-the-line product to those who want it.