Barnes & Noble slashes prices on Nook tablets in the UK for the second time this summer

Barnes & Noble has already dropped the prices on Nook tablets in the U.K. once this summer. Now it’s doing so again: it’s doing so across the Atlantic as well. The company announced Wednesday that the 7-inch Nook HD tablet will now start at £79 (USD $123) and the 9-inch Nook HD+ will start at £129 (USD $201).

nook tablets uk

This price drop comes just two months after a sale that cut the prices on those devices to £99 and £149, respectively. They had started out the summer at £129 and £179.

Barnes & Noble said the pricing will continue “while stocks last.” Barnes & Noble’s Nook division has suffered huge losses, and the company said earlier this summer that it would stop manufacturing tablets in-house, before switching course and declaring that it would continue to design and develop them. Sales like this one, however, suggest that the company is trying to clear out inventory.