Jumpstarter raises $1.7M to help coders focus

“Flow” is a very big thing for developers, and it’s not simply a matter of having clear goals and ingesting vast quantities of caffeine. It’s also handy to cut down on distractions, and that’s the goal of a Swedish outfit called Jumpstarter, which has just scored $1.7 million in funding.

Jumpstarter, which is entering a “selectively” open beta phase (you can grab a beta invite here with the code “GIGAOM”), is essentially a toolkit that takes care of many elements of the coding process – development environments, framework installs, deployment services and hosting — so the developer doesn’t have to juggle so much.

As CEO Per Jonsson explained it to me, this approach stands apart from that of platform-as-a-service outfits such as AppFog because those don’t replace local development environments or deployment services:

“Today when you’re developing you’re using a number of tools – a text editor or IDE, a version handling system like Git, a local development environment, a framework like WordPress [see disclosure] or Ruby on Rails, and a deployment service. And in the end you need a hosting provider, like Amazon(s amzn) Web Services or Heroku or something, where you can run the live code.

“We want to be the environment where we take care, as much as possible, of these different steps. With Jumpstarter you have your code editor and GitHub, but everything else we take care of. You’re essentially able to just focus.”

The company is putting a lot of emphasis on ease of use, but also the speed of setup; it claims it can set up servers and install frameworks in less than a second. Rather neatly, Jumpstarter also allows the quick cloning or forking of projects — source code, database, configuration and all.

“You can take an entire application and play with it in the same way you can play with code on GitHub,” Jonsson said.

Jumpstarter’s funding is interesting not just because it looks like a handy toolkit, but also because of the location of the startup and its funders. Jumpstarter is based in Stockholm and the investors – Earlybird, Paua Ventures and VC Martin Sinner – are all located in Berlin. “This is how things work now in Europe — no more borders,” Earlybird partner Ciarán O’Leary suggested.

It certainly looks good for Berlin’s ecosystem, to have developed to the extent that local finance can look outwards (take note, London) but in reality Stockholm and Berlin’s startup scenes have been quite cosy for a while. After all, Berlin’s SoundCloud started life in Stockholm and many other Swedish entrepreneurs, such as Readmill‘s Henrik Berggren, have also set up shop in the German capital.

GigaOM will be examining the European cloud industry in depth at its Structure:Europe conference, which will take place on 18-19 September in London.

Disclosure: Automattic, maker of WordPress.com, is backed by True Ventures, a venture capital firm that is an investor in the parent company of this blog, GigaOm. Om Malik, founder of GigaOm, is also a venture partner at True.