New season, new manager: Tom Krazit is GigaOM’s new Executive Editor

If it wasn’t obvious, Labor Day means the end of summer in the United States. In Techlandia, however, it is start of a brand new season — a season of new product launches, rumors, speculation and vociferous debates. There are many conferences such as Techcrunch Disrupt and Structure:Europe. And there are new rounds of funding and new stars. In other words, September is about putting the slow summer months behind us and getting back to the world of technology.

And at the very start of this brand new season, I am delighted to announce that Tom Krazit, who came to join GigaOM as part of the paidContent acquisition in February 2012, is going to be taking the reins of our editorial team and is now our executive editor. Krazit has been our news editor for over a year.

As a technology-centric media company, we believe our editorial leader has to be based in San Francisco/Silicon Valley. Krazit, roughly the same age as Apple and Microsoft, has worn out many soles walking the technology beat since arriving in California almost a decade ago.

Tom, as you will learn, is a pugnacious reporter and a newshound nonpareil. He cut his teeth at IDG, CNET and paidContent before coming over to GigaOM. I used to think it would be hard for me to meet someone who would sleep less than me (Editor’s Note: I sleep way more than Om), would be more addicted to news and would put blog posts before food. That was until Krazit showed up.

I have often said that there are natural born bloggers — they are tireless, tiresome and have a way of connecting and communicating with their readers. Krazit is one of those guys. He is an old school journalist who understands what it takes to be a blogger. And perhaps that is what makes him perfect to lead our little publication, which has never been shy about sticking to its blogging roots. His ability to spot change, obsess about change and — most importantly — get everyone excited about that change, is going to make him a great editor.

Welcome Tom. Time to play ball!