PayPal’s mobile app starts looking more like a mobile wallet

PayPal(s ebay) has retooled its mobile app, turning it into much more of a digital wallet. All of the old PayPal features — such as transferring money and managing your account — are still there, but it’s providing a lot more tools to help users shop and pay for goods online at the physical point of sale.

One of the biggest features PayPal highlighted was the ability to order food ahead of time, tapping into Eat24’s network of 1,000 restaurants and cafés. The app will also surface coupons for goods and services based on your location; if you’re in a coffee shop you get an offer for a free latte, rather than a discount on an oil change at the garage at the other side of town.

Another location-based service in the app is the ability to pay at the table of a restaurant. If you check into a restaurant participating in PayPal’s program, you can view your bill, enter a tip and pay, all within the app. PayPal is developing technology that will even allow you to order from the menu in the app, notifying your server that you want another round of drinks or a plate of nachos.

As for payments themselves, PayPal is opening up the option to pay directly from your bank account or PayPal balance or use the credit card you have on file. It’s also extending its “Bill Me Later” service to the mobile app, so you can apply to buy individual large purchases on a credit, all within the app.

The updated app will be available for iOS(s aapl) an Android(s goog) initially – though the iOS version doesn’t seem to be live yet – though no word yet on when it will ready for Windows Phone(s msft).