partners with Silicondust to launch the next version of its cord cutters DVR has teamed up TV tuner maker Silicondust to launch the next version of its DVR, which will come with two tuners and is going to be available in the U.S. later this year. will also introduce a new user interface, which is going to be made available to new as well as existing users of its service. announced the collaboration at the IFA trade show in Berlin Thursday, but hasn’t reveal pricing and other cruical details yet. Judging from the photos provided by, it looks like the new device will feature an Ethernet port, an antenna-in port and a single USB port, which presumably is used to connect external hard drives to store TV recordings.

rearAngle first debuted its own single-tuner hardware last year, which enabled users to record shows in HD with a simple antenna, and then stream these shows to mobile devices, computers or Roku boxes. That first attempt left us a bit unimpressed, in part because the hardware just didn’t seem very reliable.

This could change through the cooperation with Silicondust, which has been building networked TV tuners for years. Silicon Dust’s experience in this field will also help expand into Western Europe, where the device will go on sale in early 2014.

New hardware could be a first step for to actually address a bigger audience of users who are looking to replace their expensive cable service with a cheaper offering that still gives them access to shows from major broadcasters. The next step may be to make it easier to stream outside of the home. CEO Mark Ely told me last month that the company is thinking about adding a cloud DVR component to its existing offering. “It makes sense to do a hybrid solution,” that combines local and cloud storage for recorded TV shows, he said.

Check out some additional photos of the new hardware below: