Best Buy to offer exclusive blue HTC One for AT&T, Sprint and Verizon

The HTC One might be five months old, but it’s still one of best Android(s goog) phones on the market. Now Best Buy(s bby) is giving it new life with a fresh coat of paint. The electronics retailer will be offering the HTC One in an exclusive blue model for AT&T(s t), Sprint(s s) and Verizon(s vz) starting Sunday, September 15.

The One is already available in black or silver on most carriers, as well as an exclusive shade of red through Sprint. According to a USA Today interview with HTC’s executive director of national retail in North America, Wolgang Muller, HTC decided to sell the new variant exclusively through Best Buy after seeing the retailer’s ability to demonstrate the HTC One’s Sense TV feature in store. It also fits in with the company’s “blue shirt” branding.

This is good news for Best Buy, since it means customers will have buy the phone directly through from the company, rather than going to the store to see the product then shopping around for it elsewhere online. Best Buy has not yet announced pricing, but it is likely the phone will cost the same as buying it directly from the carrier.