New leaked images show purported iPad 5 alongside previous model

The new iPad(s aapl) is expected to feature a similar design to the iPad mini, and freshly leaked images, once again courtesy of Sonny Dickson, suggest this redesign style more than ever. Compared to the fourth-generation model, these images show a thinner, narrower iPad with less bezel and more rounded edges.

These images look very much similar to a video from last week, which shows the purported new iPad will be two-thirds of an inch narrower than the current version, and a bit slimmer as well. Apple can achieve this through the use of slimmer bezels, as well as a film-based touchpad display, which can help reduce screen thickness. You can clearly see the difference in these images, which also show the alleged new iPad running Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 7.

iPad 5 vs 4

Sonny Dickson also has images of the alleged new iPad mini compared with the first-generation model, but the physical design remains almost completely unchanged, which is similar to the design progression of the last few iPads.

Apple is holding an event tomorrow where it is expected to announce the iPhone 5S and the iPhones 5C. It is possible for the new iPads to make an appearance, but it is more likely that Apple will hold a separate event to introduce them later this year.

iPad 5 vs 4 bottom

iPad 5 vs 4 side

iPad 5 vs 4 thickness

All images from Sonny Dickson.