In reaction to the NSA privacy concerns, more visibility is likely…and more lawsuits

Most businesses are concerned about the recent revelations that the NSA, and perhaps other government organizations, are culling through business and personal data communications.  In reaction, many new initiatives are underway, including the use of better and stronger data encryption, and more thought behind security models, specifically, models aimed at communications.

Cloud computing is the largest area of the market impacted, considering that it’s all about trust, control, and security.  If those attributes are not specifically insured in the cloud, then the cloud is not a safe bet.  While some projects will be stalled, the cost efficiencies and agility that the cloud bring means that the march to public and hybrid cloud computing will continue.

The problem and benefit of moving too more advanced (and costly) security is that the government’s need to access that data won’t stop.  If they can’t get at it through backdoors and technology that can beat encryption, they will have to file with courts to get access through the front door.

Legal actions against public and private businesses typically find their way to the press, and thus are publically known.  With more public legal proceedings, the more we’ll have knowledge about attempts of the government to gain access to data in the cloud.