The first free enterprise mobile app store

The true measures of success in enterprise mobility are high user adoption, productivity gains and innovative process improvements. Unfortunately, the white noise generated by the mobile device industry has made achieving this vision complicated, confusing and costly.

Apperian, which specializes in mobile app management, is helping companies achieve their mobile goals quickly and easily with ApperianONE. This service allows companies to deploy a custom enterprise app and unlimited public apps through a custom-branded enterprise app store at no cost. This first-of-its-kind freemium-styled offering focuses on providing a risk-free way for businesses to experience a new and effective approach to mobility, one that is focused on easing the administrative burden on organizations and providing users with a familiar, consumer-like experience. This combination is what drives employee adoption rates across the enterprise.

“As a leader of Maxim’s sales productivity and enablement team, I expect our sales organization to easily connect and use the apps and data that help them drive business and build successful relationships with our customers. With the help of Apperian, mobility has been made easy,” said Robert Lacis, the director of sales operations at Maxim Integrated. “The Apperian solution is exciting because it gives businesses of all sizes the chance to see and experience just how easily mobility can be.”

To learn how you can deploy any single enterprise app and unlimited public apps with your very own, custom-branded enterprise app catalog for up to 100,000 employees visit