Anthony Wood: DIAL Support Coming to Roku

Interesting tidbit revealed today by Anthony Wood at the Next TV Summit. According to Wood, Roku will be incorporating DIAL support into the Roku platform, which will allow it to “toss” content to the Roku device.

Up until now, Roku had largely been absent from the conversations around second screen interaction. The radical simplicity and fairly good remote that comes with Roku has gotten them by so far, but the clear excitement around Google Chromecast, which brought the idea of content tossing into broader awareness, has forced Roku to start connecting their box with the second screen for interaction, content discovery and play initiation.

Another interesting piece of info from the interview is Wood’s statement that the unveiling of the Chromecast helped kick up Roku sales. I think this makes sense; the more conversation around cord cutting and OTT in the news means people start asking others what they should use, and that conversation drives adoption of streaming.