SAP updates Jam

SAP updated Jam, the company’s work management tool, back in early August, and I confess I started a post on it but forgot it in a draft until today when I was looking for something else.

The biggest updates are various user experience tweaks, like “Group Overview Pages”, contexts where all the information associated with a project or activity can be aggregated. These can be based on templates, like “Help and Support” or “Topic”. Dynamic content widgets are now supported and these include activities, content, people, and forum updates.

jam 2

SAP has implemented what most would call task “pools” — a task can have multiple possible assignees — although they call those “shared tasks” which id confusing, since all sorts of task assignments are conceptually task sharing.

jam 1


Apparently there was a great demand for a complete overhaul of task management presentation, which SAP has tried to accomplish.

I am going to try to arrange for a more in-depth demo of Jam, as soon as possible.