Uh oh. Amazon U.S. East is in trouble again

Friday the 13th is not starting out well for Amazon’s(s amzn) big U.S. East region where Amazon’s EC2 service  is showing signs of stress. Network connectivity issues there appear to be impacting Heroku(s crm), parts of Github, CMSWire and some other sites. The networking issue also impacted Amazon’s RedShift data warehousing service, Simple Messaging Services, Relational Data Service, and CloudHSM service, according to the status page.


US East, a huge server farm in northern virginia remains Amazon’s largest and oldest facility, although Amazon spokespeople have said the infrastructure has been renovated pretty much from the ground up in the past year or so.

The Amazon status page attributes the issue to network connectivity issues in a single Availability Zone within US. East.

Things have been pretty quiet on the AWS front of late save for a minor glitch last month. Last year was a different story where several major outages including one on Christmas Eve that took down Netflix(s nflx) made headlines.

Stay tuned for updates.


Update: According to the AWS status page the US-East-1 network issues were resolved 9:41 PDT:

10:34 AM PDT Between 7:54 AM and 9:04 AM PDT a small number of RDS instances in the US-EAST-1 Region experienced network connectivity issues in a single Availability Zone. Network connectivity has been restored and the service is operating normally.