Garmin introduces the first GPS watches with color screens

Garmin(s grmn) has been hard at work trying to balance features and design in its GPS watch line, and it looks to have finally reached a happy medium. The Forerunner 220 and 620 watches look attractive, svelte and sporty. They’re also the first GPS watches to use color displays, and the Forerunner 620 can even predict your race times. Check them out in the video below.


Let’s start with the similarities. Both watches feature a 1-inch Chroma display. The Forerunner 620 uses a touchscreen, while the 220 is controllable via physical push buttons. These new screens should make it a lot easier to quickly check your stats at a glance. Additionally, both models feature rechargeable batteries that last up to six weeks in watch mode and up to 10 hours in training mode. And each watch can sync with your phone or computer via Bluetooth, though the 620 adds in Wi-Fi as well.

Each watch also features live tracking, which allows your friends to view your stats in real-time via the Garmin Connect Mobile app (provided the watch is connected to your smartphone). The watches use a built-in accelerometer to track distance and pace, and while both watches work in conjunction with an optional hear rate monitor, the 620 can use it to calculate how long it will take you to finish a given race. It does this by calculating the maximum amount of oxygen you can consume per minute, and comparing that with the anticipated distance you entered at the start of the race.

These new features don’t come cheap. The Forerunner 220 costs $249.99, while the 620 costs $399.99. The heart rate monitor costs an additional $50 for either watch. Both watches come in two different colors and are expected to ship this fall.