Guess what? OpenStack fans say OpenStack skills are in demand

In what should come as as surprise to no one, the OpenStack Foundation says skills in building and deploying OpenStack cloud technology are very much in demand. (see the charts below).

To address the skills gap, the Foundation is launching a Training Marketplace, with coursework from OpenStack partisans including Aptira, hastexo, The Linux Foundation, Mirantis, Morphlabs, Piston, Rackspace(s rax), Red Hat(s rhat), SUSE and SwiftStack with more courses to come.

Why would you want to bone up on your OpenStack skills? Because you can make more money, according to the foundation:

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Here’s another data point, there are more job postings mentioning OpenStack skills than there are for rival open-source clouds CloudStack and Eucalyptus, according to data, as shown below.

Openstack, Cloudstack, Eucalyptus trends

Openstack, Cloudstack, Eucalyptus trends Openstack jobs | Cloudstack jobs | Eucalyptus jobs

But then again, when you talk about job postings requiring cloud skills, you’d be remiss not to include Amazon Web ServicesI(s amzn) which brings us to this, provided knows what AWS is.

Data for the last two charts provided by, a search engine for jobs.