Structure:Europe 2013 live coverage

It’s been an interesting summer for our friends in Europe. The steady dribble of leaks about the capabilities of the U.S. National Security Agency come at an inopportune time for those thinking about putting more and more of their computing needs in the hands of U.S.-based cloud vendors and service providers. Yet nonetheless, the appeal of the cloud era is just as strong in Europe as it is stateside, and businesses big and small are hungry for more information about how they can count on someone else to handle the heavy lifting required by modern computing.

Amid this backdrop, we’ll be in London Wednesday and Thursday with for Structure:Europe, our cloud franchise’s appearance second appearance outside the U.S. A lot of great speakers are on tap: We’ll hear insights from industry leaders building new cloud-based infrastructure such Facebook’s (s fb) Frank Frankovsky, Google’s (s goog) Barak Regev, and Rackspace’s (s rax) Nigel Beighton. We’ll hear how established server vendors like Hewlett-Packard (s hpq) and Dell (s dell) are adapting to this new world as young and hungry startups try to make a name for themselves in the LaunchPad competition. And, of course, we’ll discuss the revelations Edward Snowden has brought the world in a panel discussion on the post-PRISM era.

We’ll update this page with all our coverage from the two days of Structure:Europe, and a link to the livestream of the event can be found here. You can also follow us on Twitter (@gigaom) and share your thoughts with fellow conference attendees using #structureeurope as your hashtag.

Day 2:

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