The Nexus 4 is sold out. Nexus 5 on the way?

Bye bye, Nexus 4. The 16GB model of the phone sold out on the Google(s goog) Play online store on Monday. Last week it sold out of the 8GB model following a $100 price drop. And according to a source close to The Verge, Google has no plans to restock and continue offering the phone. That makes me think a Nexus 5 announcement can’t be too far off.

Nexus 4 sold out

There’s plenty of evidence to support this. First off is the announcement of Android 4.4 (KitKat), which is likely to make its debut on Google’s next-generation handset. Then there’s the mystery phone, which looks a lot like a new Nexus, that may or may not have been planted in a Google promotional video. Finally, there’s the recently surfaced FCC filing with images that look extremely similar to the phone in Google’s video. All of which is to say, you shouldn’t be surprised if Google announces the Nexus 5 in the near future.

Little is known about the device itself, although it is believed that LG is manufacturing it. And thankfully, those FCC filings confirm that the device pictured will support LTE frequency bands, which was arguably the Nexus 4’s greatest shortcoming.