Addictive metrics: The secret to driving your business with analytics

Businesses have a ton of data coming out of their production software, but what should they do with it?

This question was addressed at GigaOM’s Structure:Europe conference on Wednesday by Lew Cirne, founder and CEO of New Relic.

“We’re a software analytics company, and what that means is we help businesses make sense of data coming out of their production software,” said Cirne. “If you asked me a year ago what that specifically meant, I would have said we’re in the business of performance and availability monitoring for software.” Data is analyzed at a very deep level to help determine the performance of the software.

Cirne explained how important it is for businesses (including Relic itself) to keep up with the constant state of change that happens online today. “What you see today is that software is a living organism constantly changing production,” he said. “At New Relic we deploy changes to production multiple times a day and so do most of our customers.” This kind of change requires real-time visibility in order for businesses to monitor what is and isn’t effective.

As for the future, Cirne said, “Where we’re headed is to deliver more value out of the very same data we collect and to answer business questions as well.”

Check out the rest of our Structure:Europe 2013 coverage here, and a video embed of the session follows below:
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