Moto X Developer Editions launch: $649 to tinker with Android

Android hackers rejoice: the Moto(s goog) X Developer Editions are here! On Wednesday, a version for Verizon’s network became available and a similar model for GSM networks will arrive on Friday according to Punit Soni, VP of Product Management for Google’s Motorola Mobility.

Both models include 32 GB of storage and cost $649. There’s no MotoMaker customization but the phones will be in a special color scheme of a black front and a woven white back, along with a Developer Edition stamp. These handsets also come with an unlockable bootloader making it easier to install custom Android firmware on the devices.

On the product pages for both the Verizon edition and the model that works on either AT&T or T-Mobile, Motorola pointed out that unlocking the bootloader still voids the phone’s warranty. That’s not surprising since it would be hard for Motorola to service a phone that ran software the company didn’t provide in the first place. Motorola even makes light of this fact in a good-natured way, saying this about the phone:

“Change settings, flash a new kernel, and pretty much gain superpowers. It’s the kind of fun that voids warranties.* But then again, you’ve always been into that sorta thing.”

All of the standard Moto X features are present on the phones out of the box but of course, changing the Android software may eliminate those.