Pandora welcomes iTunes Radio with new iOS apps, tweaked branding

Sometimes timing is everything: Pandora (S P) is releasing new iOS apps as well as a new logo and tweaked branding on the same day that Apple (S AAPL) is will release iOS 7 as well as its own internet radio product dubbed iTunes Radio.

The new iPad app features a bunch of contextual information to explore, including artist pages, lyrics and more. Pandora had introduced these additional features first on its iPhone app almost a year ago, and then added them to its Android app soon after.


Pandora CTO Tom Conrad told me Monday that it wants to release a dedicated Android tablet app that will come with the same features as the new iPad app later this fall.

The company also tweaked its iPhone app to more closely embrace the design language of iOS 7, and refreshed its logo and branding, complete with the new tagline “let there be music.” Here’s a video that is supposed to explain the new branding – watch it and judge for yourself if it makes you feel any different about Pandora:


As for the timing, Conrad admitted that the company slightly sped up development efforts to take advantage of the iOS 7 release, but he said that the new branding didn’t have much to do with Apple’s decision to launch its own Pandora-like radio service Wednesday.

Conrad explained that the original branding goes all the way back to 2005, when Pandora first launched, and that efforts to tweak the branding were launched a year ago. “It’s a more mature declaration of who we are,” he said.