Mozilla invites users to test Firefox for Windows 8

This weekend, open source web company Mozilla announced in a blog post that it had added a new product to its roster: a touch-enabled Firefox Browser for Windows 8(s msft) tablets. While it’s not out for public use yet, the company is invited its loyal users to test out the product on their eligible devices.

The new Firefox flavor has all of the trappings that help it fit right in with Windows 8:

  • A new Firefox tile to access from the home screen.
  • Full integration of Windows 8 gestures.
  • Snapped and Fill views.
  • Support for WebGL, HTML5,and both proprietary and open source video formats.

In its tradition of openness and transparency, all of these features are accessible now via a Windows 8 device by installing and running Mozilla’s ever-updating pre-beta for future releases, Firefox Aurora. From there, users can browse the web and take advantage of Firefox’s features — giving feedback for bugs whenever necessary.

This is a pretty predictable move for Firefox, which stresses collaboration with the public and transparency in its product development cycles, but it will be a win for Windows 8 users that aren’t keen on Internet Explorer. Firefox will be a formidable alternative browser, especially with its full gesture support (which Chrome is still developing) and compatibility with add-ons. Allowing all users to freely download the product for testing allows for early adoption and opens the door for Mozilla to tailor usability to core Windows 8 users.