Oppo’s N1 phone has a rotating camera, rear touch panel and custom Android software

As teased last week, Oppo launched the N1, a new Android smartphone on Monday. The China-based company is literally putting a twist on standard Android(s goog) handsets; the new phone has a 13 megapixel camera with dual LED flash which can be both a front or back camera thanks to a swivel mechanism. Oppo is also the first smartphone partner with CyanagenMod’s custom software.


Inside, Oppo is using a  a quad-core 1.7GHz Qualcomm(s qcom) Snapdragon 600 processor paired with 2GB of RAM. Outside, users will see the large 5.9-inch screen with 1080p resolution. That size makes for a heavy phone at 213 grams (7.5 ounces). In China, the N1 will run the company’s Color OS version of android 4.2. Internationally, however, the phone will be available with CyanogenMod software; a customized version of Android with many improvements.

Tech In Asia reports a secondary touch panel on the rear of the N1: “[T]he rear touch panel is called O-Touch, and covers a 12cm square panel on the back for doing things like scrolling, tapping, or taking photos.” The feature reminds of the new LG G2, which has both a power button and volume buttons on the rear of the phone.

Oppo expects the phone to become available next month for around $570 unsubsidized. And that’s likely the only way you’ll get an Oppo N1 in the U.S. as I doubt any carrier will offer it directly.