Apple issues $22.99 credit over “Seasons Pass” for Breaking Bad

Here’s a bit of good news to offset the dark, dark plot lines of Breaking Bad’s final episodes: viewers who bought a pass to watch all of Season 5, but then learned the pass only covered half the shows, are receiving a credit from Apple(s aapl) to buy other content.

In an email to those who bought the pass, Apple apologizes for “confusion” over the terms “Season 5” and “The Final Season,” and provides instructions for obtaining a $22.99 iTunes credit.

The move will not only placate Breaking Bad fans, but could prove a good marketing move for Apple. The cost will be negligible for the company, especially after a banner weekend in which it reportedly sold 9 million iPhones.

The flap arose over the so-called Season Pass for Breaking Bad arose as a result of a studio decision to split the final season into two bundles of eight episodes, and air them almost a year apart.

Earlier this month, an Ohio man filed a class action suit, saying that receiving only eight of sixteen episodes was like being asked to leave a football game at half-time.

The email from Apple, reported by the Verge, contains a link with instructions to redeem iTunes credits: