You probably shouldn’t download that iMessage for Android app

There’s a lot of internet buzz about a new app in Google(s goog) Play called iMessage Chat, that lets your Android device communicate with Apple(s aapl) owners through Apple’s proprietary iMessage system. That’s a great idea, but you probably shouldn’t download it. In fact, I’m not even going to link to it here. That’s because it sounds like one big security risk.

iOS developer Adam Bell took a close look at the code and discovered that the app works by spoofing your message request as a Mac Mini. In order to do this, developer Jay Freeman (better known as ‘saurik’) noted that the app routes your information and message request through the app developer’s own server in China before sending it to Apple. And developer Steven Stroughton-Smith pointed out that the app has the ability to download APKs in the background without you ever knowing.

In addition to these security flaws, the app requires you to sign in with a working Apple ID. As you probably already know if you have one, your Apple ID stores payment information and personal data, and serves as your gateway into a number of Apple services. On top of this, many people are reporting that they can’t even use it to successfully send an iMessage in the first place.

So if you haven’t downloaded the app you’d be wise to steer clear. And if you already have, you should consider changing both your Google and your Apple ID passwords. And if you own an Android device, and you want to get in touch with an Apple user that badly, just send them a text message.