Samsung introduces gold Galaxy S 4

Not to be outdone by Apple(s aapl) and its new gold iPhone 5s, Samsung is slapping a fresh coat of paint on its five-month-old Galaxy S 4 and releasing a gold edition overseas. Sparkling.

Information about the new color phones is sparse. Samsung introduced the phone via its Samsung Mobile Arabia Twitter feed, picturing pink and brown versions of the device, each with gold trim. There is no release date, pricing, or information of any other kind, but I wouldn’t expect these phones to see a release within the U.S.

[protected-iframe id=”e192efa318f50252f3cd9ebf1f5cbfd1-14960843-53382843″ info=”hash” ]

I’m not sure a limited release is such a bad thing. I was skeptical about a gold iPhone 5s, but Apple’s toned-down champagne color, while still not quite my fancy, manages to look sleek, attractive, and very Apple. Judging by Samsung’s press photos, on the other hand, it is going for something much more glitzy, ostentatious, and, well, Samsung. Now all it has to do is hope Apple doesn’t have a trademark on gold phones.