Why the obsession with leisure travel?

Every year, U.S. travelers take some 458 million business trips. That’s 458 million waits in TSA lines, hotel check-ins, cab lines and meeting logistics coordinated. The average business traveler takes four times as many trips and spends four times more per trip than a leisure traveler. That’s why airlines and hotel chains work so hard to attract frequent travelers: They are big, consistent spenders. Yet while a lot of startups are obsessed with the crowded, fickle leisure travel space, very few are solving problems for the business traveler.

Try this for primary research: Buy a beer for a couple of road warriors. You’ll get treated to accounts of forgotten parking spots, assorted tricks of the trade to get better treatment and a litany of smaller frustrations, from trying to find a gas station near the rental car drop-off to coordinating plans for a big meeting with colleagues from different offices.

These stories as well as popular apps like TripIt and Uber provide compelling proof points that business travel is ripe for innovation. With so many business travelers, so many pain points and so few apps, the business travel space is practically crying for more developers. And it’s about to get a whole lot easier:

Concur and TripIt are opening our API’s and App Center to developers, giving access to our 18,000 corporate clients and 20 million end users. Join us at the Perfect Trip DevCon to explore the opportunities for innovation in business travel on Oct. 2 in San Francisco.

–Tim MacDonald, EVP, Concur