Evernote bridges physical-digital gap with new shop: $495 scanner, $232 bag, more Moleskine

Evernote isn’t a stranger to working with companies that produce physical products: It partnered with Moleskine to produce Evernote-compatible notebooks last year, and it showcases third-party hardware, like scanners alongside apps in Evernote Trunk.

Now, however, Evernote is diving deeper into physical retail. At the company’s annual conference in San Francisco on Thursday, it announced the launch of Evernote Market, a collection of products that “represent peerless craftsmanship and first-to-market technologies to help people live better and work smarter.”

That includes hardware that’s designed to work with Evernote, as well as some products like wallets and rucksacks. I was most intrigued by the Fujitsu ScanSnap Evernote Edition scanner, which automatically scans content to Evernote and organizes it by type. (Other models of the ScanSnap can do this, too, but the integration with Evernote isn’t automatic.) With the ScanSnap Evernote Edition retailing at $495, I’m definitely not giving up my older ScanSnap model, but for those of you who are in the market for a new scanner, it’s worth noting that this one comes with a year of Evernote Premium (worth $45). It’ll launch in the U.S., Canada and Japan in late October.

Evernote ScanSnap

Other Evernote-integrated products launching in Market: Special co-branded Post-it Notes through Evernote’s new partnership with 3M (bundled with a 30-day subscription to Evernote Premium), more Moleskine notebooks and a $74.95 Adonit stylus.

evernote moleskine

There are also products that have nothing to do with going paperless, but that apparently “smartly support life, work and everything in between.” For example, “Paris-based cult bag brand Côte&Ciel” worked with Evernote designers to create Evernote-branded versions of some of their bags — a $242 rucksack and $210 “flat backpack.” Also, there are socks.

evernote rucksack