Need wireless charging in a spare power pack? Mugen adds Qi to its portable battery.

Portable batteries to charge mobile devices are nothing new. Including the ability to recharge a device without wires in a portable battery, however, is new, and that’s exactly what Mugen is offering with its Mugenizer N11. The $69 battery can recharge a phone or tablet through a micro USB cable or simply by placing the device on top of the N11.

mugen n11 charging

The tablet or smartphone will have to support Qi wireless charging, of course. Some phones from Samsung, Nokia(s nok) and Google(s goog) — the Nexus 4 handset and Nexus 7 tablet, for example — do support Qi, so simply placing these devices on the N11 will recharge them. For phones without wireless charging capabilities, such as the iPhone(s aapl), the N11 works just like older portable batteries: Connect your mobile device to it and charge over a wire.

Mugen says the internal battery of the N11 has a 4800 mAh capacity, so it would recharge most smartphones at least two times before the battery is depleted.

Since mobile device batteries started getting integrated, I’ve often carried a portable battery everywhere I go. Typically, I tote a small 2600 mAh external battery. It’s light and small. But the N11 isn’t too bad, weighing in at 230 grams. And as more of my devices gain wireless charging capabilities, the benefits of the N11 grow. It’s particularly useful to not have to worry about looking for or losing a micro USB cable, for example.