Netflix expands Super HD and 3D streaming to all of its members

Prepare for your Netflix (S NFLX) streams to look better: Netflix is making its Super HD video quality available to all of its members. All members will also have access to 3D titles on Netflix. Both 3D and Super HD were previously only available to members whose ISPs peered with Netflix or placed the company’s Open Connect caching hardware within their networks.

Super HD streams are essentially 1080p HD streams with less compression, which should make for a better picture quality. Netflix recommends that members have at least 7 Mbps of bandwidth available for best results, but the company also serves a less-demanding Super HD version that only requires around 5 Mbps of bandwidth. 3D streams can require up to 12 Mbps of bandwidth, according to Netflix.

Netflix’s 3D catalog is thought to be small, but the company has been looking to offer higher-quality HD streams for a substantial number of the movies and TV shows it has been adding to its catalog, and obviously Netflix-exclusive content like House of Cards is available in Super HD as well.

Netflix first launched these higher-bitrate HD streams in January, and at the time only made it available to customers whose ISPs were using Open Connect. Customers without access to Super HD and 3D streaming were encouraged to contact their ISP and ask for it.

This kind of public petitioning didn’t go over well with everyone, and Time Warner Cable even alleged that Netflix was violating net neutrality principles — a somewhat ironic charge in light of various efforts by ISPs to get content providers to pay for the videos their customers are consuming.

By making Super HD and 3D available to everyone, Netflix has arguably one less carrot in its arsenal to convince ISPs to adapt Open Connect — but the company hasn’t given up completely on the idea to make this more of a public issue. Netflix is continuing to expand its monthly ISP ratings, which highlight the average speed its customers see on various ISP networks.

Netflix is also looking to add 4K streams to its service in the future. CEO Reed Hastings said during a recent public appearance that Ultra HD streams could come to Netflix as early as next year, and that these may require up to 15 Mbps of bandwidth.

Updated at 2:22pm to clarify which members previously were able to get Super HD.