Targeting former BlackBerry-ites would be a great strategy for Motorola

The Financial Post is reporting that Google’s Motorola Mobility is setting up shop in the Kitchener-Waterloo region of Ontario with the hopes of unearthing mobile talent in Canada’s foremost tech area. Kitchener-Waterloo offers “a bustling startup ecosystem,” according to the piece, giving rise to both a wave of mid-sized companies and satellite offices for U.S. tech businesses.

Waterloo’s highest-profile tech resident, of course, is BlackBerry, which this week inked a deal to be acquired by Fairfax Financial and — more importantly, as far as Motorola is concerned — will lay off a whopping 4,500 employees┬ábefore the end of the year. Some of those employees will have substantial expertise in building highly secure mobile devices and software for the enterprise, which is a market Motorola has no real presence in. Poaching those former BlackBerry workers would be a great way for Google to give its own mobile operating system a much-needed push into the mobile enterprise.