Dog lovers take Craigslist to task over Puppy Doe abuse

The story of Puppy Doe, a pitbull mix found beaten and abused in Quincy, Mass. has animal lovers up in arms and demanding that Craigslist stop advertising pet placements or “rehomings,” according to The Boston Herald and other reports.

A recap: Puppy Doe was found last month in a Quincy park, starving and injured in a way that authorities likened to medieval torture. She was euthanized August 31. The Animal Rescue League of Boston described the “level of abuse [as] the worst we have seen in a very long time” and offered a $5,000 reward to help find and arrest the abuser. Other organizations have added $10,000 to that total.

A Braintree, Mass. woman came forward to identify Puppy Doe as Kiya, a dog she was forced to give up by her landlord and which she placed via Craigslist. Police are still investigating that claim but in the meantime the woman is animal rights advocates are pushing Craiglist to nuke the pet placement ads. A petition pushing that agenda now has more than 40,000 signatories.

On Thursday, Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster responded in his blog that shutting down pet listings would not stop animal abusers and ironically would lead to the euthanization of more pets because they could not find homes.

He wrote:

“Countless pets find good homes on CL, saved from euthanization (‘no kill’ shelters are full – 3 million healthy pets are put down yearly).

In fact, CL ‘pets’ is a primary tool shelter volunteers themselves use to find homes for dogs and cats they might otherwise have to put down.”

Craigslist has faced this kind of music before over personal ads used to sell prostitution services.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user bl0ndeeo2


Note: This story was updated September 28, 2013 to correct the characterization of the woman who said she placed the dog via Craigslist and that she was not the person who initiated the petition.