Is iOS 7 making you seasick? Here’s how to turn off the parallax effect.

As people upgrade their old iPhones(s aapl) to iOS 7 — or get new handsets running Apple’s latest software — some are reportedly getting seasick on dry land. Look on Twitter and you’ll see a number of comments from people complaining about the parallax effect in iOS 7: The iOS 7 background seemingly moves around behind app icons based on how the phone is held.

Here’s a recent complaint of the issue from actress Mia Farrow:

Wired offers a solid technical explanation for how parallax works but if you’re getting queasy because of it, you can simply turn it off. The setting isn’t where you might expect it though.

To disable parallax in iOS 7, simply navigate to Settings, General, Accessibility and turn the “Reduce Motion” option on.

disable ios 7 parallax

One simple setting and you can use iOS 7 Dramamine-free!