The 2013 Google Glass tour begins! First stop: Durham, N.C.

With only developers and about 8,000 early adopters using Google(s goog) Glass at a cost of $1,500 each, most of the public hasn’t had a chance to try Google’s wearable device for themselves. That changes next month as Glass hits the road. On October 5, residents in Durham, NC can try Glass for themselves and ask questions about the product.

Google announced the touring program on Google+:

“Wanna try Glass? Damn right you do. Just kidding… but seriously if you do want to, we’re going to start bringing Glass to cities across the US so you can give it a spin. You’ll be able to try on Glass, ask questions and chat with the Glass team in person. We’re kicking off in Durham, NC, on October 5th and we’ll be on the road, heading to other cities after that.”

Folks interested in the October 5 tour date can RSVP directly through Google+, which is also where additional information on future stops will appear.

The move is a smart one for Google as it ramps up efforts to mature the product in preparation for a consumer launch. It’s expected that Glass will go on sale in 2014 and there’s been talk of Google stores — or perhaps mini / pop-up stores in existing electronics retail locations — to help explain and sell the product.

At this point, few mainstream consumers likely understand what Glass is and what it can do. Taking the Glass show on the road is a good way to build interest and educate the masses at the same time.