Evernote for Salesforce announced

Just hours after I was complaining that the new Evernote Market was showing socks for sale (see Evernote wants to sell you… socks?), Evernote has announced something that justifies having a Market in the first place. Yesterday, the company announced Evernote for Salesforce, which was covered by my GigaOM colleague Barb Darrow yesterday.

This integration matches up the note creation, curation, and sharing capabilities of Evernote with the Salesforce CRM and Chatter work media tools.

For example, in Salesforce, an Evernote for Salesforce user would be able to attach existing notes to a customer record, or create new Evernote notes while operating in the Salesforce context. Here’s a list of notes displayed in a Salesforce record:

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 07.49.43

And these created or appended notes also show up the the activity stream of Chatter, and are visible and accessible to others who have access to the Salesforce customer record.

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 07.51.11



The Bottom Line

When Evernote launched Evernote for Business last year (see Evernote launches Evernote Business), I suggested that the company was clearly moving into the work management marketplace, with a tool intended to be a corporate intranet. However, with Evernote for Salesforce, we see an amplification of that into a tool that extends into the file sync-and-share space.

Note that only a few weeks ago, Salesforce dropped its proprietary Chatterbox file sync-and-share solution for Chatter (see Salesforce drops Chatterbox, announces Salesforce Files), because Salesforce users would rather use other, best-of-breed, file sync-and-share or document repository tools like Box, Evernote, Hightail, Intralinks, or Dropbox. Evernote’s product announcement makes it clear that it is aiming for a place at that table.

The product will be available next week, and perhaps available at the Evernote Market?