Analytics for ERP: the benefits of big data in the cloud

Traditional ERP systems were designed to support in-house, vertically integrated processes and supply chains that rarely changed. The analytics that supported those systems were equally stubborn. Modern logistics are far more fluid, and partners, suppliers and customers demand personalized service. Moving ERP to the cloud can bring flexibility to your back office. Cloud-based analytics can add real-time decision support that allows you convert flexibility into efficiency, shortening production cycles, adapting to disruptions, and responding to customer demand before the customer even asks.

In this webinar, our panel will discuss these topics:

  • How have machine-generated data and other emerging data inputs strained existing ERP systems and analytics?
  • How have shorter production cycles and the supply chains that support them affected traditional ERP systems?
  • Which ERP applications will see the most benefit from the cloud?
  • What efficiencies can businesses realistically expect from cloud-based analytics?
  • How can businesses transition to the cloud without disrupting existing operations?

Speakers include:

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