Google Glass just picked paint colors for me, thanks to the Color Snap app

Sherwin-Williams brought its ColorSnap software to Google Glass(s goog) on Monday, letting Glass users snap a picture for color inspiration. The software, developed by Resource, quickly matches paint colors with colors from a picture using Google’s wearable computer. How quickly? I tested it out and got solid color recommendations of Sherwin-Williams paint in under 30 seconds. I also got directions to my nearest Sherwin-Williams store.

Here’s a video demonstration of how ColorSnap Glass works in theory:


In practice it works as advertised. I added the app to Google Glass through the Sherwin-Williams website and then snapped a picture of my Google+ background image; it’s a shot of our land before we built our first house in the 1970s. I always liked the colors of the field.

Here’s the original image followed by the paint palette recommended by the Color Snap Glass app.

NJ field

Color Snap Glass

I think the app did a good job matching up the yellow and gold of the field as well as capturing some nice hues from the blue-grey sky; especially since I was taking a picture of a picture. Snapping photos of actual objects and scenery would likely improve the matching.

You can’t yet share the colors from Color Snap Glass, but that’s coming soon. However, the Glass app provides the exact numbers for all five paint colors, making it easy to mix it up at the local paint store.

It’s worth noting that ColorSnap launched prior for iOS(s aapl) and Android devices, so you can already get this functionality and more from a smartphone or a tablet. But the app on Glass is a perfect example of how technology gets “out of the way” with well-designed wearables.