Hey look, Google Fiber is going to go live in Provo in October

The energy that Google has harnessed around its fiber effort now extends to locals making cute commercials about the coming service, with residents of Provo, Utah pulling this little skit together — comparing Google Fiber to a fire hose and a sad, middle-aged man trying to fill his pool with a garden hose to represent existing broadband providers. The video also suggests that Google plans to start offering service in October (the mayor’s comments below the video indicate mid-month.)

The video, which was published by Provo’s mayor last week, is a great example of Google’s ability to inspire locals and city officials to trumpet the coming of the service and help market it. Google announced that it was buying the existing Provo fiber network for $1 and building out its service there back in April.

The commercial exemplifies two things; one is that Google has got this social engineering stuff down and two, that people really are pumped about fiber to the home, especially from Google. It’s like they don’t know about or don’t trust in CenturyLink’s plans to bring fiber to the home. Of course, that effort is in Omaha, Neb.