Samsung invests $4M in wireless charging company PowerbyProxi

PowerbyProxi, a wireless charging technology company, received $4 million in funding from the Samsung Ventures Investment Corporation on Monday, hopefully bringing the world closer to a single wireless charging standard. Samsung and PowerbyProxi are members of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) which backs the Qi charging standard.

Powerby Proxi is an active member of the WPC; Tony Francesca, the company’s VP of Business Development, Consumer Technologies heads up a WPC task force “designed to define a wireless power resonant extension to the Qi specification.” The goal is to allow multi-device charging and add spacial freedom to chargers and the devices that use them.

Samsung also backs the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) which formed last year, but its phones that support wireless charging currently use the Qi standard of the WPC. Qualcomm(s qcom) is founding member of the A4WP yet joined the WPC last week. Why? According to The Register, Qualcomm hopes to push forward a merger between the WPC and A4WP which could eventually eliminate a third wireless charging group, the Power Matters Alliance (PMA). The A4WP standard already supports multiple device charging and spatial freedom as shown here:


The only way wireless charging will truly take-off with mainstream consumers is to have a single standard. People don’t want to figure out if their smartphone or tablet will work with different charging pads. That’s an idea that contradictory to the very nature of the function, which is supposed to be so easy, you don’t think about it. Instead, you place your device on a pad or matt — or a counter at Starbucks(s sbux) — and your mobile device recharges on its own.