Straight Talk confirms its “unlimited plan” is throttled after 2.5 GB per month

Straight Talk has long advertised its mobile broadband service as unlimited even though customers often bumped against a limit. Liliputing notes that the company has clarified the details of its $45 monthly plan, which uses airwaves it buys from AT&T(s t) and T-Mobile(s tmus), saying there’s a 2.5 GB monthly data cap: Exceed that and you’ll be relegated to 2G speeds for the remainder of your plan month.

It’s nice to see Straight Talk confirm the caps and even better to see it actively educating customers on how much data different activities use; on an explanation page, the company says you can listen to 88 hours of Pandora or view nearly 35,000 emails before you’ve used up your 2.5 GB allotment.

Even with the cap, the deal isn’t a bad one. After personally switching my phone service over to Straight Talk’s month-to-month plans in 2012, I explained how it can help you dump the larger carriers and save some money. Straight Talk became a little more attractive earlier this month when it added support for AT&T’s LTE network.

For the $45 per month, you also get unlimited voice calls and text messages, so if you can live with 2.5 GB of high-speed data a month, it may be worth the look. Since the service works on AT&T or T-Mobile — depending on the plan you choose — you’ll get the same coverage you would by being a direct customer of the carrier.