YouTube gets its own music awards show, Vevo expands to Germany

YouTube is getting its own music video awards show: The Google-owned(S GOOG) video service announced late Monday that it will hold the YouTube Music Awards on November 3 in New York. The event will feature live performances by Lady Gaga, Eminem, and Arcade Fire as well as YouTube stars like Lindsey Stirling, and it’s going to be hosted by Jason Schwartzman, with Spike Jonze being the creative director.

The whole spectacle will unfold as a live stream on YouTube, and the site’s viewers will also have a chance to influence the program of the evening. From YouTube’s blog:

“On October 17, YouTube Music Awards Nominations will be announced based on the videos that you watched and shared over the past year. We’ll then call on you to determine the songs and artists honored, by sharing the nominees across social media so the awards are judged in full view of everyone.”

Notably absent from the announcement was Vevo, the major-label-owned music video platform that has been supplying many of the most-viewed music videos to YouTube. That may not have been a coincidence: YouTube and Vevo have long been frenemies, with both parties trying to get as much as possible out of their relationship while at the same time trying to keep some independence.

Vevo has brought YouTube billions of views, and Google just invested an estimated $40 to $50 million in the company to keep those music videos coming. But at the same time, Vevo has tried to grow revenue elsewhere, like on its own website or in its apps. The service also launched a 24/7 music video live stream off of YouTube in March, and recently said that it will block an upcoming YouTube feature that will allow users to temporarily download videos to their mobile devices.

And Vevo doesn’t stop there: the service also had its own announcement to make Monday night, revealing that it just launched a local version in Germany. It’s the 13th country that gets its own Vevo version, but it’s also more than that: YouTube has been in disputes with German rights holders for years, leading to many of its music videos being blocked to German audiences.

But if YouTube doesn’t have Germany, at least it now got its own music awards. Check out the promo video featuring Jason Schwartzman below: