Autodesk’s CEO on how connectivity is changing design & the power of 3D printing

Autodesk’s CEO Carl Bass is a maker. In his workshop space in Berkeley, California he makes design experiments, and this Summer he and his son created an electric go cart. He’s that type of curious, creative guy.


But for Autodesk, the DIY community offers a source of innovation and nimbleness, and represents the software design firm’s more recent push into the consumer market. In particular, 3D printing — and Autodesk’s various partnerships in that field — could be a major source of growth and inspiration for the company, as well as for Bass himself.

In a wide-ranging conversation in the run up to our experience design conference RoadMap (held on November 5th and 6th in San Francisco), Bass tells us about how connectivity is changing design, how revolutionary he thinks 3D printing will be for manufacturing, and why makers are important to Autodesk.