Logitech gamepad for iPhone leaks: Hardware controls for iOS 7 gaming

Hate on-screen controls when playing games on an iPhone(s aapl)? Apple’s new iOS 7 software actually supports gamepads and one of the first may come from Logitech. The company teased such a device on its Facebook account last week and on Tuesday, noted insider @evleaks tweeted a picture of Logitech’s gamepad for iPhone:

This type of product wasn’t possible before as prior versions of iOS didn’t support hardware controllers. Apple added such support with iOS 7, which launched on September 18.

From the looks of it, Logitech’s gamepad has fewer controls than the Mogo Pro Controller I recently purchased for my Android(s goog) devices. Instead of a full complement of sticks, triggers and such, Logitech appears to be going with a directional pad and four action buttons.

I can’t yet tell if the gamepad will connect to an iPhone via Bluetooth or if it communcates directly through the Lightning connector, but I do like how it keeps the iPhone camera uncovered. This could make for some interesting augmented reality game experiences.