Google opens up review process for Glass apps

Earlier reports of third-party app support for Google Glass coming in October are looking good: Google(s goog) on Thursday announced it was opening a review process for Glass apps. Developers can now start submitting their apps for Google’s wearable computer, which Google will review before making them available. Google says it will review “aspects of design, usability, privacy, and security to ensure the quality of Glassware and the safety of our users.”

In a Google+ post, Google’s Timothy Jordan explained the process while also announcing five additional new apps for Glass:

“We’re excited to announce that MyGlass now has new Glassware from SportsYapper, Fancy, Mashable, KitchMe and Thuuz. This Glassware was approved via the new Glassware Review Process that is now open to everyone with Glass.

As of today, you can submit your Glassware for review. Completing the Glassware review process will make your Glassware eligible to show on MyGlass and eligible to receive quota beyond the testing limit. “

I’ve been testing Google Glass of late and it’s actually interesting how apps are installed. A main application called MyGlass is used to manage the Glass device: With it you can view what the Glass camera sees or set up connectivity. Aside from device management, MyGlass acts like a mini app store for Glass. I just checked and the five new apps are already there; by selecting one or more, data from those apps will start appearing in Glass.

So far, I find Glass very interesting from a wearable device perspective, but also limiting: It’s great for specific Google services and a few others, however, the real potential will likely come from third-party apps. Need an example? The ColorSnap app I installed earlier this week is one. With it you simply take a picture with Glass and ColorSnap identifies matching paint colors and provides a map to the nearest Sherwin-Williams paint store.

Color Snap Glass