‘Stories’ come to Snapchat in 24-hour photo and video timeline

If you ever wished you could later view a Snapchat message you after it disappeared into the digital ether, a new update to the Android(s goog) and iOS(s aapl) apps on Thursday should make you happy. The update introduces Snapchat Stories, which allows you to create a 24-hour timeline of photos and videos to share with your friends.

Snapchat Stories

The idea is that you can share the events of your day as they happen, then wake up and start again fresh. It works pretty much the same as a normal Snapchat. Just take a photo or video like usual, then a new icon at the bottom of the screen will ask if you want to add it to your Story. Stories are visible to your approved friends list by default, though you can also choose to share them with everyone.

The new Story interface is reminiscent of a Facebook(s fb) or Twitter feed, except you need to tap on a friend in order to view their Story. The Snapchat twist is that, 24 hours after you add something to your Story, it disappears.

The update is live for both Android and iOS devices now. And here’s a video of the new function in action below.